Insurance Broker Services

Many people engage the services of an insurance broker to obtain the best and advice and most cost-effective coverage for their identified risks. Commercial risks, in particular, are generally negotiated through an authorised insurance broker. Brokers often assist in managing clients' policies, including claims, renewals, completing forms and liaising with underwriters and claims personnel on their behalf.

In Claim Assist's experience (as a former long-term owner of an insurance brokerage) the claims service is an opportunity to prove a broker's worth for a client and to strengthen the commercial relationship.

Does your brokerage have a fully resourced and specialist claims service?

If the answer is no – and realistically not all brokers have the finances or time to support such a service – this is where Claim Assist can help. 

Outsource your complex, time-consuming claims from the outset, or those claims which have been rejected by the insurance company. This allows you, the broker to rest assured you are providing the best possible service to your clients, knowing the claim will be diligently monitored and the claimant's rights rigorously pursued. In each claim we will assist the insured party and you, the broker through the claim process until completion.

Other benefits of our service:

  • Claim Assist will ensure that the insurance company and their loss adjuster correctly interprets the policy wording (you may be very surprised to know how many frontline claims personnel are lacking technical knowledge)
  • We will ensure the claim is paid in full, in accordance with promised coverage
  • Our focus allows us to reduce delays in communication and decisions
  • Our practical industry knowledge, formal training in policy construction and knowledge of insurance law will add value to a broker or intermediary who recognises the value of a long-term client relationship balanced with an effective, value-added out-service for disputed or complex insurance claims.

Claim Assist are independent, our services are confidential and our goal is simply to obtain the best possible outcome for your client and reinforce the value of the insurance broking service you are providing.

Our fees to brokers are negotiable. We can be engaged by the case but also offer the option of an annual retainer.

We encourage brokers to contact us direct for an independent second opinion on declined claims or technical advice on specialist policy wordings.