Claim Tips

Making a claim yourself

Knowing your rights for insurance claims is important. Here is some advice on how to complete an insurance claim yourself, which may seem common sense but can lead to an unsuccessful outcome if not followed:

  • Make sure you have provided full disclosure of relevant facts when initially applying for your insurance. Under current New Zealand law, the insurer has the right to decline your claim if they determine you have not provided full disclosure.
  • Do not exaggerate your claim. Misrepresentation of one item can result in your entire claim being denied.
  • Do not approach a claim as "payback" from the insurance company. You are entitled to the full indemnity promised under the contract (policy) – no more, no less.
  • Always answer questions truthfully. If you do not know the answer, say so. If you are concerned about some of the facts, ask us for advice.

Insurance Claim Tips NZ

How we can assist you

Most insurance claims are settled to the mutual satisfaction of the insurer and the insured, particularly straight-forward motor vehicle repairs and property damage. However, chances are that by the time you have found our services, your claim has already been declined.

Many insurance company declinations are able to be challenged using the appropriate argument and language. Insurers must follow the policy terms, Fair Insurance Code and New Zealand law, although many of the legal obligations of insurance companies are not well known to clients. We can help you navigate through the policy wording to understand your rights.

Do not give up. We will advise how to obtain your claims payout if you feel the insurer's decision is not right. For example, even if your claim has been denied for exaggeration, as mentioned above, we may be able to assist in reaching a negotiated settlement with your insurer.